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Eye of the Beerholder Episode 6 - There’s Something in the Fog

December 3rd, 2015

DOOM has to go to the Mages Guild, so the boys decide on recording episode 6 after two consecutive games of Dungeons & Dragons. Stu, Shawn George and Hambone realize that their current game has been going on for 11 years and are currently in Sigil. They begin with some talk about the astral plane and sleep paralysis and then move into their adventure in Sigil. We get a history lesson about their time in summer school and then they move into the second part with added panelist, Ed Coleman. DOOM serenades Shawn Dillon and then they move into their game where they find a chest with tarot cards, wishes and beans. Then they end on a fun note! 

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Music provided by George Collazo. Find him here.