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Unwinnable Presents: Eye of the Beerholder Episode 3 - Three Sheets to the Wind Walker

August 2nd, 2015

DOOM! calls out Shawn Dillon on his pizza challenge and the boys reminisce about their food choices during their Dungeons and Dragons adventures. Stu and Shawn are joined by every edition friend, George Collazo. Shawn gives us a New Jersey history lesson and then we get into radioactive monsters, Spelljammer and 5th Edition. The gents play a game with random monsters picked from the Monster Manual, Fiend Folio and Monster Manual 2 and Shawn Dillon proves that he knows every detail about Dungeons and Dragons monsters. They pick Transposer, the Flumpf and the Piercer. Stu condemns meta gaming in his games. DOOM! closes the show.

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Music provided by George Collazo and Dead Go West. Find him at www.deadgowest.com