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Unwinnable Presents: Eye of the Beerholder Episode 2 - Roll for Initiative

July 8th, 2015

Episode 2 welcomes special guests George Collazo, Jen Sisco and John ‘Hambone’ McGuire to the fold as they share their early memories of playing Dungeons and Dragons. We wax nostalgic as Shawn and Stu talk about their beginnings with George in D&D. Hambone and Jen also share their gaming origins and there is a brief discussion about flat crack aka Magic The Gathering. Stu gives a shout out to Brian Taylor for sending him some Forgotten Realms books. They explain the basics of Spelljammer and Maztica. We cap the show off with the Githyanki, Vorpal Sword and the Astral Plane. Hambone tries to sell the crew on 5th edition. Shawn Dillon fears change. 

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Music provided by George Collazo and Dead Go West. Find him at www.deadgowest.com